Culture Jamming Cut-Up



Purpose: This project enables you to apply the concepts and techniques we have been reading about by creating your own remix out of found materials. It also gives you a chance to critique, reflect on, and defamiliarize messages that circulate in our everyday lives.

Challenge: Using the remix technique of détournement, your task is to sample and remix a message from the mass media in order to subvert its meaning. This project must be created with paper or cardboard materials (print advertisements, cereal or toy boxes, greetings cards, pamphlets, etc.). The goal of your remix should be to transform the original message in a creative, thought-provoking way.

In an artist statement (minimum 800 words), address the following questions:

 -What is the meaning/significance of the original message you chose to remix? What personal associations or memories do you have regarding this message? (e.g. where and when have you encountered it before, how does it affect you or others you care about?)

 -How did you manipulate the message and for what purpose(s)?

[Note: Your answers to this question should make up the bulk of your artist statement. You should discuss the specifics of what you did to change the original messages, as well as how these changes contributed to the new message you want to convey.]

-Which concepts or ideas from the course readings most informed your remix, and in what ways? Cite at least two specific texts in your answer.

-Who is the intended audience(s) for this remix? Why?

-In what context do you think this remix would have the most impact? Where would you ideally want people to encounter it (on a poster at a coffee shop, as a meme on facebook, on a wall outside of Abercrombie & Fitch, etc.)? Why?


Evaluation: I will be grading your project based on the following criteria:

Purpose: Does the remix have a clear message or argument? Is this message/argument timely? Did the author think carefully about possible audiences and contexts for this remix?

Transformation: To what degree did the author change the original message and materials? How well did the author apply and synthesize course knowledge about remix concepts and techniques?

Creativity: Is the remix nuanced and thought-provoking? Did the author take full advantage of the materials (text, images, etc.) used in their remix? Were there missed opportunities to do more?

Artist Statement: Does the author address the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully? Does the statement demonstrate that the author put a substantial amount of effort into thinking about the effects and meanings of the compositional choices made? Is the author’s writing clear, well-organized, and edited?



Détournement refresher

Adbusters (contains many examples you might use for inspiration)