1 Minute Video Remix



[still frame from “Mad Men” remix—link below]


Purpose: This project enables you to apply remix theory to a new medium (video) and develop your technical skills in digital video editing.

 Challenge: Respond to and/or critique a popular TV show by composing a 1 minute video remix. You may focus on a single episode or season, or use clips spanning the entirety of the show. Your remix might highlight a particular theme or point out a problematic pattern or idea. For instance, this “Mad Men” remix calls attention to the limiting, stereotypical roles of the female characters. We will be looking at other examples and possibilities in class. There is one creative constraint: all visuals must come from the show (you cannot use any outside videos to enhance your remix). However, you may add any music or sound you wish.

Address the following questions in an accompanying artist statement (minimum 800 words):

-Are you a fan of the TV show you chose to remix? Whether you’re a fan or not, how has this project changed your ideas or feelings about the show?

 -How does your remix transform the meaning, tone, or genre of the show and for what purposes?

[Note: Your answers to this question should make up the bulk of your artist statement. You should discuss the specifics of what you did to change the original messages, as well as how these changes contributed to the new message/feeling you want to convey.]

-Which concepts or ideas from the course readings most informed your remix, and in what ways? Cite at least three specific texts in your answer.

-Who is you intended audience(s) for this remix?

-Why do you think so many TV and film remixes exist and go viral? What is the purpose or value of remixing the media we consume?


 Evaluation: I will be grading your project based on the following criteria:

Purpose: Does the remix have a clear message or argument?

Transformation: To what degree did the author manipulate or reorganize the original media? How well did the author apply and synthesize course knowledge about remix concepts and techniques?

Creativity: Is the remix nuanced and thought-provoking? Did the author apply a range of video editing techniques?

Artist Statement: Does the author address the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully? Does the statement demonstrate that the author put a substantial amount of effort into thinking about the effects and meaning of the compositional choices made? Is the author’s writing clear, well-organized, and edited?


Submission: Please save your video as a .mp4 or .mov file and submit it to me via email along with your artist statement. Or, better yet, if you feel comfortable posting it to YouTube or Vimeo, you can just include the link to your video in the email/in your artist statement. If you decide to send me a video file and the file is too large, try sending it via google drive or dropbox. If you have any trouble sending it via email please let me know and we can figure out another way.