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Everything Is a Remix (part 1)

Everything Is a Remix (Part 2)

Everything Is a Remix (Part 3) 

The Death of the Author

Facebook Live Remix!



Audacity: open source digital audio editor

Audacity Manual: a comprehensive guide to using Audacity.

The Free Sound Project: a massive library of downloadable and sharable sounds to use in audio projects.

Creative Commons Audio: another place to look for sound effects and music (with appropriate licenses that indicate how people should use and/or cite borrowed sounds).

Partners in Rhyme: contains public domain and royalty free sound effects and music.

Sound Bible: more free sounds

Jamendo: free music downloads

American Rhetoric: an archive of famous speeches (useful for the song/speech mashup project!)

How to Extract Audio from Videos

How to Convert .mp3 to .wav files



How to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation at Robertson Media Center

How to download a YouTube video

How to download a Vimeo video

How to do a screen recording on Macs

How to do screen recording on Windows

The Public Domain Project: thousands of free media files, including video, you can use for your projects

Code of Best Practices (Video Making)

Internet Archive – has massive movie archive in addition to other media


Misc. a huge library of video tutorials, including tutorials on audio editing and recording technologies (UVA students can access this content for free).

What Is Fair Use?

Wikimedia Commons: massive archive of free media files

Creative Commons: open source images, sounds, etc.