Notes: Readings are due on the day they are listed. For example, in Week 2, you should read the Burroughs articles and keyword descriptions before the start of class on Tuesday. PDFs are located on our Collab page under “Resources.” Also, this schedule is subject to change in order to accommodate our learning experience. I will always alert you of any changes in class.


Week 1: What Counts as a Remix?

Tuesday August 22

In-Class Activity: Create a remix out of materials I provide you with [via grab bag]; come up with a preliminary definition of remix based on what you made

Thursday August 24 [bring laptop!]

“Excuse Me, America, Your House Is on Fire: Lessons from Charlottesville on the KKK and ‘alt-right'”

In-Class Activity: Discussion about white supremacy in Charlottesville

+ [if time] “Writing sprints” based on responses to short video excerpts


Week 2: Kickin it Old School (a.k.a. Historical Perspectives)

Tuesday August 29

-“William S. Burroughs Cut-Ups” + “William S. Burroughs

-Key Word Descriptions: playgiarismdétournement

In-Class Activity: Create your own cut-ups out of the words on the magazine page you were given; randomly rearrange the words until you find an interesting combination; be prepared to explain to your peers what new meanings or ideas emerged from your textual juxtaposition + Intro to Culture Jamming Cut-Up

Thursday August 31

-Learn about 1 “old school” remix artist [click here to find out who you got!] and find at least 1 example of his or her work to bring to class today

In-Class Activity: Teach your group about the remix artist you researched, show an example remix or two, and explain why these examples count as remix [be prepared to talk to your group for about 10 minutes]


Week 3: Is Authorship Dead?  

Tuesday September 5

-“Death of the Author,” Roland Barthes [PDF]

Remix Theory (Ch4), Eduardo Navas [pp 131-149 and 157-160]

In-Class Activity: Small and Large Group Discussions: Barthes v. Navas

Thursday September 7

-“The Ecstasy of Influence,” Jonathan Lethem

In-Class Activity: Peer Workshop (bring drafts of Culture Jamming Cut-Ups and Artist Statements)


Week 4: Culture Jamming Exhibit

Tuesday September 12

Due: Culture Jamming Cut-Up + Artist Statement

In-Class Activity: Create gallery of cut-up projects in classroom; write evaluative responses to peers’ projects on comment cards

Thursday September 14 [bring earbuds + laptops!]

Remix Theory (Introduction, Ch 1), Eduardo Navas

-Download and install Audacity so you can use it in class today

In-Class Activity: Intro to Audacity; create a voicemail message out of audio samples + Intro to Song/Speech Mashup


Week 5: Something Borrowed, Something New

 Tuesday September 19 [bring earbuds + laptops!]

Due: Entry in DIY Handbook

-“In Through the Out Door,” Paul D. Miller [PDF]

Remix Theory (Ch2), Eduardo Navas [optional]

In-Class Activity: Group work: identify and make a list of all of the patterns (thematic, rhythmic, melodic, tonal, etc.) you notice in the 2 audio examples given to you; think about how these two audio examples might relate or be combined based on their patterns; be prepared to share your findings with the class

Thursday September 21

-“Some Kid in His Bedroom: The Artist/Audience Binary,” Aram Sinnreich [PDF. Note: scroll down to the final chapter—Chapter 5—of the PDF to find reading]

-“Plunderphonics, or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative,” John Oswald

-Wikipedia entry for Plunderphonics 

In-Class Activity: Listen to and discuss “Ways of Hearing” podcast


Week 6: Audio Remixes!  

 Tuesday September 26 [bring earbuds and laptops!]

Due: Entry in DIY Handbook

In-Class Activity: Peer Workshop (bring drafts of Song/Speech Mashup and Artist Statements)

 Thursday September 28 

-“The Crisis of Configurability,” Aram Sinnreich [PDF]

In-Class Activity: Discuss “The Crisis of Configurability” + Focus Group with Center for Teaching Excellence Consultant


Week 7: No Class

Tuesday October 3: NO CLASS—READING DAY

-Team assignments for “UVA Remixed” project will be sent via email

Thursday October 5: NO CLASS [Prof. Ceraso at conference]

-Continue to work on Song/Speech Mashups


Week 8: Re-Vision Video Workshop

Tuesday October 10

Due: Song/Speech Mashup + Artist Statement

In-Class Activity: Listen to and discuss mashups + Intro to 1 Minute Video Remixes

Thursday October 12

Due: Pre-Workshop Assignment [I’ll be sending details via email]

In-Class Activity: Clemons Library Workshop on Video Editing


Week 9: Is Sampling a Crime?   

Tuesday October 17

RiP: A Remix Manifesto (documentary)

-Wikipedia Entry on Copyleft

-“Measuring Fair Use

In-Class Activity: Work through case studies with groups; decide whether or not these examples count as fair use or not and be prepared to share your reasoning with the class

Thursday October 19

Due: Entry in DIY Handbook

In-Class Activity: Pitch “UVA Remixed” ideas to the class for feedback + group meetings [to prepare: meet with your team before class and come up with 2 different topic ideas for your project; 2 group members will pitch the first idea, the other 2 group members will pitch the second idea; in your pitch, make sure to 1) cover some possible arguments/angles associated with your topic; 2) discuss any concrete ideas you have about the materials (textual, audio, video) you could use for different kinds of remixes; 3) explain why you think each topic would be compelling/appropriate for this project; after your team’s pitch, the class will give you feedback to help you decide which idea is stronger]


Week 10: Pla(y)giarism

Tuesday October 24: NO CLASS [Prof. Ceraso at Penn State]

Due via email: Proposal and Project Management Plan                 

Thursday October 26

In-Class Activity: Peer Workshop (bring drafts of 1 Minute Video Remixes)


Week 11: 1 Minute TV Remixes!

Tuesday October 31

Due: 1 Minute Video Remix + Artist Statement

-In-Class Activity: Watch and discuss video remix projects

Thursday November 2

Special Event: “The World According to Sound” [meet in the Rotunda!]


Week 12: What Makes Something Go Viral?

Tuesday November 7

[please bring laptops!!]

-“What Is Convergence Culture?” [PDF] + “If It Doesn’t Spread Its Dead,” Henry Jenkins

In-Class Activity: Viral media analysis + meme creation

Thursday November 9

[please bring laptops!!]

-“Composing for Recomposition: Rhetorical Velocity and Delivery,” Jim Ridolfo and Danielle Devoss


Week 13: What Is a Hacktivist?

Tuesday November 14

-“Hacktivism 101

-“The Soul of the New Hacktivist,” Somini Sengupta

In-Class Activity: Watch documentary, “The Story of Aaron Swartz”

Thursday November 16

In-Class Activity: Finish watching “The Story of Aaron Swartz” + discuss film


Week 14: UVA Remixed Workshop

Tuesday November 21

[bring laptops!]

In-Class Activity: Mapping the relationship between remix and writing + course reflections

Thursday November 23: NO CLASS

-Thanksgiving break!


Week 15: “UVA Remixed” Meetings

Tuesday November 28

-Team meetings with Prof. Ceraso in Bryan 304-A + showcase preparation

[11:00: Team 1—Sam, Tyler, Carolyn, Ana]

[11:30: Team 2—Heidi, Georgiana, TreShauna, Shafat]

Thursday November 30

-Team meetings with Prof. Ceraso in Bryan 304-A + showcase preparation

[11:00: Team 3—Ervin, Rishabh, Montana, Rebekah]

[11:30: Team 4—Rory, Morgan, Sif, Cameron]


Week 16: Remix Showcase!

Tuesday December 5:

In-Class Activity: Remix Showcase + UVA Remixed Projects Due!