DIY Remix Handbook




Purpose: This collaborative google doc gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own technical learning throughout the course. Because everyone has access to this document, it also provides you and your peers with valuable information about how to learn new digital skills and remix techniques that you might not encounter on your own. Sharing this knowledge will benefit everyone as they develop their projects throughout the semester.

Due Dates: The due dates for your entries are indicated on the course schedule. To receive credit, your entry must be posted by the start of class on those days.

Grades: You will not receive a grade for individual entries. However, completing your entries will count as a substantial chunk of your participation grade (participation counts for 20% of your total course grade, and your DIY handbook entries count for half of that). If you complete all of your entries according to the guidelines below, you will receive full credit for half (10%) of your participation grade.


-Each entry should be a minimum of 200 words [please write your entry in the form of a single-spaced paragraph]

-Each entry should begin with your name, the due date, and a descriptive title (e.g. “How to Download YouTube Videos”)

-You should address the following questions in your entry:

-What new technical skill have I taught myself recently and why did I want or need to learn it? [Your new skill does not have to be something major. For instance, it might be that you learned how to export a video in a new format, or use a new audio effect.]

-What was difficult or frustrating about learning how to do it? How much time (rough estimate) did I spend learning how to do it?

-How did I learn how to do it well and how will it benefit my current or future work in the class?

-What tips do I have for others who would like to learn this skill?

-Each entry should include links to helpful websites or video tutorials that you relied on during your learning process (and that your peers might also find useful).

*Do not write an entry on something you already know how to do well. The point of this assignment is to build your digital skill set in a way that will help you improve your course projects. If you challenge yourself throughout the course, you will produce better work and learn more.