Song/Speech Mashup




Purpose: This project enables you to apply your knowledge of remix theory and sampling and develop a range of technical skills in digital audio editing.

 Challenge: In 3 minutes or less, create an audio mashup that includes a well-known speech and a song of your choice. Experiment with different combinations of the song’s parts and soundbites from the speech until you find one that is interesting and provocative. For example, here is a mashup of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech and Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks.” In order to make an emotionally-stirring, meaningful mashup, this remix artist thought about the original context and meanings of both the song and speech. Then, he made decisions about which parts of each kind of media would work best in sync. The goal is of this project is to create an audio mashup that is purposeful, thought-provoking, and transformative.

Address the following questions in an accompanying artist statement (minimum 800 words):

-What is the meaning/significance of both the original song and speech you chose to remix? What personal associations or memories do you have regarding this particular song and speech?

 -How does your mashup amplify or alter the meaning, tone, and/or message of the original song and speech and for what purpose(s)?

[Note: Your answers to this question should make up the bulk of your artist statement. You should discuss the specifics of what you did to change the original media, as well as how these changes contributed to the message/feeling you want to convey.]

-Which concepts or ideas from the course readings most informed your remix, and in what ways? Cite at least three specific texts in your answer.

-Who is the intended audience(s) for this remix? Why?

-In what context do you think this remix would have the most impact? Where would you ideally want people to encounter it? Why?


Evaluation: I will be grading your project based on the following criteria:

Purpose: Does the remix have a clear message or argument? Is this message/argument timely and significant?

Transformation: To what degree did the author change the original media? How well did the author apply and synthesize course knowledge about remix concepts and techniques?

Creativity: Is the remix nuanced and thought-provoking? Did the author experiment with a range of different remix techniques and audio editing possibilities?

Artist Statement: Does the author address the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully? Does the statement demonstrate that the author put a substantial amount of effort into thinking about the effects and meanings of the compositional choices made? Is the author’s writing clear, well-organized, and edited?



Please email me your artist statement and your audio file (either in .mp3 or .wav format) by the start of class on Tuesday October 10. If you can send it to me earlier (like the night before) so I have time to organize all of the files for our listening session, I’d appreciate it.